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Lakonich Legal is based in Montreal specializing in all facets of business law and alternative dispute resolution. Me Sandra Lakonich strives to provide her clients with practical, results-oriented business and legal solutions, catering to the diverse needs, requirements and expectations of each client. Our objective is to make legal services available to businesses of all sizes in a way which is transparent and delivers value at a competitive rate.

Corporate & Commercial

We can incorporate and organize your company, we assist our clients in identifying optimal vehicles for their and prepare all agreements required in connection therewith. We also maintain our clients' corporate minute books and work with accountants and tax advisors to implement corporate reorganization and we negotiate and draft agreements which are necessary for business operations.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We have significant experience in coordinating and implementing domestic transactions (shares and/or assets) together with all related closing and pre-closing documentation, filings and registrations as well as assisting in the due diligence.

Real Estate & Financing

We act for landlords and tenants in negotiating commercial leases (including subleases, assignments and consents). We are called upon by our clients to prepare offers to purchase real estate; assist and coordinate the due diligence process and prepare deeds of sale.

Litigation/Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

We handle a variety of corporate/commercial litigation, including contractual disputes (landlord/tenant matters, general breach of contract), debt collection (outstanding balance on goods sold and/or services rendered, rent arrears, outstanding loans), property damage and civil liability.

  • Our main areas of practice are all things business law and alternative dispute resolution. We assist our clients in business and contractual drafting & disputes, incorporations, mergers & acquisitions, collection of debts, commercial leases, hidden defects, personal injury and real estate litigation amongst others.
    Sandra Lakonich
    Lakonich Legal